Book Recommendation: ‘Rhapsody’ by Mitchell J. Kaplan

This will be my second book recommendation that I have recommended on my classical music blog; the first was Daniel Silva’s great thriller, “The Cellist”.

“Rhapsody” by Mitchell James Kaplan is a wonderful historical novel about George Gershwin and a woman who was closely intertwined in his life, Kay Swift [also a composer and a virtuoso pianist like Gershwin]. Classical music lovers will love this novel as it puts the reader right in the time period, and the rhetoric so realistic and well written, it is like we are listening in on their conversations as they are taking place. In this book it won’t just be Swift and Gershwin that we will “meet” but other great composers and historical figures the main characters interacted with.

Rhapsody by [Mitchell James Kaplan]

I was blessed to go to book signing and discussion of “Rhapsody” by the author himself, Mitchell J. Kaplan. It was the most unique book signing I have been at, as there was a professional classical pianist who played various pieces and clips of pieces when they warranted in the discussion. Also, at the end of the discussion, the author, Mr. Kaplan also played his flute with piano accompaniment on a couple of pieces. I really enjoyed this.

I highly recommend this well researched historical novel for everyone and especially if you are a George Gershwin fan and/or a lover of classical music. It is truly a good read page turner!

Of course, the title of the book, “Rhapsody”, stands for Gershwin’s beloved iconic ‘jazz/classical’ piece for piano and orchestra, “Rhapsody in Blue”. Please turn up the volume and enjoy my wife Sheralyn’s second favorite classical music piece [her first being Ravel’s Bolero].

George Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue:

I recommend highly, “Rhapsody” by James Mitchell Kaplan!

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