Daniel Silva’s ‘The Cellist’ For Classical Music Lovers

What’s this, you may ask, a book recommendation on this all classical music, all the time web site? Yes, and it may be a surprising book as it is by the New York Times #1 best selling author of the Gabriel Allon, Israeli spy master thriller series, Daniel Silva, called “The Cellist”.

I am not going to give away any spoilers but this is a great well written read, riveting in parts, that is very relevant today. It is not a quick read, as it may take you a few days or even a week to read, but it is well worth it and I recommend for all Americans, even if you are not a classical music fan. You can buy this great novel at any book store or download on you Kindle. I actually have both a signed copy of the book, that I did most of my reading and I also downloaded on my Kindle to read parts of. I love reading a hardback book but I also love my Kindle as it lets you know how long the chapter is and how far along in the book you are and if you come upon a word you don’t understand, you can click on it to find the meaning and increase your vocabulary.

So, why for classical music lovers? Because this novel has so, so many references to great classical music pieces and the composers and even artists and conductors of today that you will recognize. Once you get to the character who is the cellist, Isabel Brenner, you will then get so many wonderful references of classical music that will bring a smile to your face.

As I am just a fan, who still has much to learn about classical music, I came upon a reference in the book to a piece I did not know but had to immediately go to You Tube to hear. It is such a great and exciting piece (wait for the final movement) I am thankful I did so.

The piece that I did not know is called the ‘Devils Trill Sonata’ by Giuseppe Tartini. This is a violin sonata in g minor with four short movements: 1. Larghetto ma non troppo, 2. Allegretto Moderato, 3. Andante, 4. Allegro Assai.

Please turn up the volume and listen to the legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman play this great sonata I only learned about by reading, ‘The Cellist’.

G. Tartini: Violin Sonata #3 in g minor, “Devils Trill”:

I recommend, especially for fans of classical music, Daniel Silva’s, “The Cellist”.

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