Happy Birthday Anton Bruckner

From Anton Bruckner-Biography site and from Anton Bruckner Wikipedia: Josef ‘Anton Bruckner’ was a nineteenth century Austrian Romantic composer and organist, known for his very long [in length] symphonies [8 plus one unfinished 9th], and religious masses [being a very religious man] and other sacred choral works. He was born September 4, 1824 in Linz, Austria. On October 11, 1896 Bruckner died in Venice.


Bruckner’s compositions helped to define contemporary musical radicalism, owing to their dissonances, unprepared modulations, and roving harmonies.” “Anton Bruckner is best remembered for his ‘Symphony No. 4’, which he nicknamed ‘Romantic’. Originally composed in 1874, it had been revised several times until 1888. Its first performance, taking place in 1881 in Vienna under Hans Richter, was greatly acclaimed. Even today, it remains one of his most popular works. ’Symphony No. 7’ is another of Bruckner’s best-known works.”

While Bruckner had many detractors of his long symphonies at the time, he and his works were admired by his friend, composer Gustav Mahler.

“On 11 October 1896, Bruckner died in Venice. In accordance of his last will, he was buried in a vault immediately underneath his favorite organ, now known as ‘The Bruckner Organ’, at the monastery church of St. Florian.”

Please turn up the volume and enjoy these two great works of the Austro-German Romantic composer, Anton Bruckner, on his birthday.

Anton Bruckner: Symphony #4 in E-Flat Major, “Romantic:

Anton Bruckner: Mass #2 in e-minor:

Happy #197 Anton Bruckner!

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