Happy Birthday Johann Pachelbel

The Baroque composer and organist, Johann Pachelbel, was born in Germany on Sept 1, 1653. He lived 53 years, dying in Germany on March 9, 1706.

Johann Pachelbel [1653 – 1706]


I’m not sure if it is fair to call him a one hit wonder, but I think there is only one piece most classical music lovers think of when talking about Pachelbel. While it is only one piece, that one piece is the great iconic, Canon in D Major. This piece oozes with polyphony-a defining characteristic of the Baroque Era.

Please turn up the volume and enjoy one of the great Baroque pieces ever composed by Johann Pachelbel.

J. Pachelbel: Canon in D Major:

Yes, maybe a one hit wonder, but we have been blessed because Pachelbel composed this iconic piece. Happy #368 Johann Pachelbel!

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