Schubert’s Rosamunde

Franz Schubert was an Austrian late classical/early Romantic composer who, like Mendelssohn, is known for his beautiful melodies in his pieces.  Like many of the great composers, Schubert died at very young age of 31, but despite that he was blessed by God with the talent to be a prolific composer of so many wonderful melodic pieces in all genres. We, the lovers of classical music, were also blessed by God as he give us this wonderful composer and his wonderful music.

Franz Schubert [Jan. 31, 1797 – Nov. 19, 1828]

From Clinton Symphony Orchestra website: “Franz Peter Schubert wrote the incidental music to the play Rosamunde, Princess of Cypress, for a friend Helmina von Chézy.”

“Schubert wrote no specific overture for Rosamunde. Instead he dusted off an overture to his unperformed 1820 opera Alfonso und Estrella for the opening night of the play, but when the Rosamunde manuscript was published in 1891 as Op. 26, it was not with the Alfonso und Estrella Overture, which had actually introduced the play in the theater, but with a still earlier one which Schubert had composed in 1820 for a different play by a different writer, called The Magic Harp.

Thus, the Overture to Rosamunde may be said to have served a double duty for two independent works.”

On this, hopefully, peaceful day for everyone, please turn up the volume and enjoy Schubert’s Rosamunde Overture and also one of his many beautiful impromptus, the meditative Impromptu #3 in G-Flat Major.  

Rosamunde Overture:

Impromptu Op. 90 #3 in G-Flat Major:

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