Happy Birthday Johan Strauss II and George Bizet

On October 25 is the the birth date of two Romantic Era composers, Johann Strauss II born in 1825, and George Bizet. born in 1838.

Johann Strauss II [Oct. 25, 1825 – June 3, 1899]

Johann Strauss II was an Austrian composer known as the “Waltz King” for his plethora of beautiful, melodic waltzes. Son of the composer Johann Strauss, Johann Strauss II most famous waltz was the beloved, iconic, “The Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz“. He composed some light fanciful operettas, his most famous, “Die Fledermaus“. Strauss II had two brothers who also were composers, but neither became as well known or influential as Johann Strauss II. Born and lived in Vienna, Austria, Johann Strauss lived until the age of 73 [June 3, 1899].

George Bizet [Oct. 25, 1838 – June 3, 1875]

George Bizet was a French Romantic composer of mostly operas, his best known of which, was the ultra melodic and beloved, “Carmen“. Bizet sadly died of a heart attack in Bougival, France, at the very young age of 36 [June 3, 1875].

From Wikipedia-George Bizet: “Bizet was a great admirer of Rossini’s music, and wrote not long after their first meeting that “Rossini is the greatest of them all, because like Mozart, he has all the virtues.” “Charles Gounod [was] a mentor and inspiration to Bizet [in Gounod’s] Conservatoire years.”

Please turn up the volume, play in full screen, and enjoy some beautiful music from these two greats of the Romantic Era, Johann Strauss II and George Bizet on their birthdays.

Johann Strauss II: The Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz:

George Bizet: L’Arlesienne Suite: “Farandole”:

Johann Strauss II: Die Fledermaus Overture:

George Bizet: Carmen Overture:

Johann Strauss II: Voices of Spring Waltz:

George Bizet: “Habenera” from Carmen:


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