The Romanticism of Brahms and Dvorak at This Weekend’s HSO Concert

The fetching Mrs. B and I will once again trek to Jones Hall in downtown Houston this Saturday to attend another great concert program by our award winning Houston Symphony Orchestra. This is a great program featuring two Romantic Era composer giants, Johannes Brahms, with his Piano Concerto in D minor, and Antonin Dvorak and his Symphony #8 in G Major. We are blessed to have the young internationally renowned guest conductor, Jonathan Hayward leading our Houston Symphony Orchestra.

Guest conductor, Jonathan Hayward will be leading the HSO this weekend.

From the HSO website: “Dvořák’s enchanting Symphony No. 8 invites listeners on a sun-drenched jaunt through nature’s endless charms, and the result is joyous, uplifting, and life-affirming. Surging with youthful fire, tender passion, and thunderous power, Brahm’s Piano Concerto No. 1 looms large as one of music history’s most monumental and stunning creative achievements—all the more amazing that Brahms wrote it at the tender age of 25. Stephen Hough, “a virtuoso who begins where others leave off” (Washington Post) joins Jonathon Heyward and the orchestra, and the concerts open with Carlos’s Simon’s Beethoven-inspired Fate Now Conquers.”

Brahms Piano Concerto #1 is scored in the key of D minor with 3 movements: 1. Maestoso; 2. Adagio; and 3. Rondo-Allegro non troppo.

Dvorak’s 8th symphony in G Major has 4 movements: 1. Allegro con brio; 2. Adagio; 3. Allegretto Grazioso – Molto Vivace [trio]; and 4. Allegro ma non troppo.

As usual, whenever Sheralyn and I go to Jones Hall to hear our great Houston Symphony Orchestra, I like to share some of most of what we will be hearing that night [Saturday, March 11, 2023].

So, please turn up the volume and enjoy two melodic romantic pieces by two of the greatest Romantic composers, Johannes Brahms and Antonin Dvorak.

Johannes Brahms : Piano Concerto #1 in D minor:

Antonin Dvorak: Symphony #8 in D minor:

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