Andres Orozco-Estrada Great Tenure As Director of the HSO Finishes With An Epic Symphony

Andres Orozco-Estrada [Director of the HSO 2014-2022]

Our (Houston’s) beloved Maestro and Director of the Houston Symphony Orchestra for the last 8 years, Andres Orozco-Estrada, tenure comes to a close this weekend in a dramatic and exciting fashion with the epic Symphony #2 by Gustav Mahler, “Resurrection Symphony”.

What a blessing that my wife, Sheralyn, and I will be in Jones Hall in downtown Houston Texas to be there to honor our wonderful young dynamic director who has given us so much enjoyment leading our world class symphony orchestra for the last 8 years. Then in three weeks we will be in Jones Hall to welcome our new director of the HSO, Juraj Valcuha, with another amazing epic symphony, Beethoven’s 9th Choral Symphony, Ode to Joy! How awesome will these next two concerts the fetching Mrs. B and I will be attending, to hear Mahler’s Resurrection and Beethoven’s 9th. Wow, are we blessed!

This from the HSO website, “Andres Farewell: Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony”: “For his final concert as Houston Symphony Music Director, Andrés Orozco-Estrada leads Mahler’s monumental Symphony No. 2, Resurrection. Contemplating the meaning of life and the mystery of death and culminating in a blaze of transcendence that shakes the rafters and soars to the heavens above, it is, quite simply, a concert experience unmatched in all of music. More than 200 orchestra and chorus members fill the Jones Hall stage for this must-see Houston event.”

Austrian Romantic Composer Gustav Mahler [1860 – 1911]

Gustav Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony #2 was scored in C minor with four movements he labels: 1. Allegro Maestoso; 2. Andante Moderato; 3. ‘In peaceful, flowing motion’; and 4. ‘Ancient Light’. As with all of Mahler’s symphonies, this is long in length. Symphony #2 is usually around an hour and 20 minutes long.

Please turn up the volume, play in full screen, and enjoy this amazing, and exciting epic symphony by Gustav Mahler.

Gustav Mahler: Symphony #2 in C minor, “Resurrection”:

Bravo!, Good luck on your new venture, and thank you!, Andres Orozco-Estrada!

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