Inspiring Tribute to Ukraine by HSO

Last weekend [March 11-13] at Jones Hall the Houston Symphony showed solidarity with the courageous heroic people of Ukraine just before the concert program began.

My wife and I were blessed to be in attendance at this stirring emotional moment in Jones Hall in Houston. I actually got tears in my eyes.

Houston Symphony Orchestra

It started with a member of the orchestra, Sasha Potiomkin, Bass Clarinet, who gave an emotional talk about his being born and living in for 17 years, Ukraine [the Soviet Union back then]. Then with the whole audience standing out of their seats, the Houston Symphony Orchestra gave a beautiful playing of the Ukraine National Anthem-“Ukraine has not yet perished” Glory to Ukraine!

From the Houston Symphony Orchestra You Tube site: Solidarity With Ukraine with HSO playing the Ukraine National Anthem! March 11, 2022:

I #StandWithUkraine

One thought on “Inspiring Tribute to Ukraine by HSO

  1. Wow, That was beyond powerful I can only imagine the entire audience was standing up with tears in her eyes the whole time and what a great speech. Thanks for posting big Mike

    Stand with Ukraine!!

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