Welcome back to Houston Maestro Eschenbach

This Saturday evening my wife, Sheralyn, and I will be blessed again to go to Jones Hall, in downtown Houston, to hear our world class Houston Symphony Orchestra in a wonderful program featuring Beethoven and Brahms. Can it get any better than that. Well, yes it can as the great German conductor/pianist, Christoph Eschenbach, is coming back “home” to Houston [where Maestro Eschenbach was director of the HSO from 1988-1999] to conduct our wonderful orchestra once again. When my wife and I first started attending concert programs in Jones Hall it was when Maestro Eschenbach was leading the HSO. He was a great conductor and we loved him!

Welcome back “home” to Houston, Christoph Eschenbach [born Feb. 20 1940-will be 82 years old in one month from today].


Conductor Eschenbach will be leading the Houston Symphony Orchestra in Ibert’s “Flute Concerto”, Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #4, and Brahms Symphony #1.

From the Houston Symphony Orchestra Website: “Phenomenal young pianist Jan Lisiecki tackles Beethoven’s poetic and powerful Piano Concerto No. 4, and revered conductor Christoph Eschenbach—best known and beloved by Houston audiences for his tenure as music director from 1988 to 1999—leads Brahms’s monumental Symphony No. 1. The concerts open with Ibert’s dazzling Flute Concerto, performed by Greek virtuoso Stathis Karapanos.

Johannes Brahms Symphony #1 took Brahms nearly 21 years to fully complete and be performed in a concert hall. Some musicologists refer to this as “Beethoven’s 10th Symphony” as Brahms patterned this after the master’s brilliant beloved ninth symphony. Brahms scored his first symphony in c-minor with four movements: 1. Un poco sostenutro-Allegro; 2. Andante Sostenuto; 3. Un poco allegretto; and 4. Adagio-Allegro non troppo-Allegro Vivace.

As usual, when the fetching Mrs. B and I go to an HSO concert in Jones Hall, I like to give you a sample of what we will be hearing. To hear it all–come on down to Houston this weekend. 🙂

So, please, turn up the volume, play in full screen, and enjoy some wonderful music from Beethoven and Brahms.

L.V. Beethoven: Piano Concerto #4 in G-Major:

Johannes Brahms: Symphony #1 in c minor, Movement 4, Adagio – Allegro non troppo – Allegro Vivace:

Welcome back home Maestro Eschenbach!

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