A Great American Hero

A Great American Hero

Here is a post I had on another blog that [by my own fault is no longer in existence] from 2014 after hearing a broadcast on Houston Sports Radio 610 in the morning, from one of the talk show host, John Lopez, who is still with the station and co-host with Landry Locker.

From November 24, 2014:

A great man on Houston sports radio, John Lopez, who is co-host with Nick Wright on the Houston Sports Radio 610 morning show in Houston called “In The Loop” sadly lost his cousin  [who is so close to John that he felt like he was his brother], on Thursday morning November 20, 2014.  His cousin’s name was Adrian Lopez.  Little did I know how heroic and patriotic Adrian Lopez was.  This was one courageous man.  America has truly lost one of its heroes.

The following is from John Lopez in his own salute to his cousin Adrian Lopez on Face Book:

“I salute my heroic cousin. He left us early this morning. He’s the reason I’m so involved in Patriots & Heroes. Two tours in Viet Nam, 13 verified kills, Marine Recon, attacked by a Tiger in battle, two Purple Hearts, Bronze Star. He even lived a year after they told him he had a couple weeks.

Hoo-rah, Adrien!”

“This is Adrian Lopez, kneeling, with his Recon unit outside Da Nang. His unit found a lot of bad guys and saved hundreds if not thousands of American lives by doing so. Mortality rate for Recon in 1967 was more than 90-percent. He volunteered.

“This is the pelt of the tiger that attacked Adrian Lopez in Viet Nam in 1967. If I remember right, Adrian told me it was Sgt. Griffith, on the right, that shot the 350-pound tiger.”

John Lopez gave a tribute to Adrian on his “In the Loop” show on Friday morning.  Here is that tribute:  [thanks to Sports Radio 610’s podcasts for the audio]

John Lopez Tribute To Adrian Lopez on Friday November 21, 2014 on “In the Loop”:

Two purple hearts for Adrian Lopez
Bronze Star for Adrian Lopez

We express condolences to John and all of Adrian Lopez’ family and may God Bless them and may God Bless all of our heroic veterans who have served or are serving now.