Puccini Sans Opera

Giacomo Puccini was one of the greatest Italian composers in the Romantic Era who is widely known for his magnificent luscious operas and the beautiful melodic arias they have produced.

With a hat/tip to All Classical Portland, a Tune in Radio station I was listening to on my morning walk this Sunday March 25, they reminded the listeners, that while most of Puccini’s greatest works were operatic, he also had some symphonic non-operatic beautiful pieces. They played a symphonic melodic piece that I really enjoyed on my morning walk.

Giacomo Puccini [Dec. 22, 1858 – Nov. 29, 1924]

I didn’t write it down but I believe the non-operatic symphonic piece that played this early morning was Prelude Sinfonica. It is very beautiful. Also, another non-operatic symphonic piece by Puccini I have here is Capriccio Sinfonica.

So, please turn up the volume to enjoy a couple of non-operatic symphonic pieces by the great Italian [mostly operatic] composer, Giacomo Puccini.

Note: in the first video, our Houston Symphony Orchestra’s great director, Maestro Juraj Valcuha, is leading the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Prelude Sinfonica:

Capriccio Sinfonica:

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