Radetsky March on Johann Strauss I Birthday

Today, March 14, is the birthday of Johann Strauss I.

This from Wikipedia: “Johann Baptist Strauss I … also , Johann Strauss Sr., the Elder, the Father, (March 14 1804 – September 25 1849) was an Austrian composer of the Romantic Period. He was famous for his light music, namely waltzes, polkas and galops, which he popularized alongside Joseph Lanner, thereby setting the foundations for his sons—Johann, Joseph, and Eduard—to carry on his musical dynasty. He is best known for his composition of the Radetsky March.”

“Johann Strauss II often played his father’s works and openly declared his admiration of them, although it was no secret to the Viennese that their rivalry was intense”.

“Strauss died in Vienna on September 25, 1849 at the age of 45 from scarlet fever … Hector Berlioz himself paid tribute to the ‘Father of the Viennese Waltz’ by commenting that “Vienna without Strauss is like Austria without the Danube”.

So, on this Johann Strauss, “The father”, 219th birthday, please turn up the volume to hear his most famous piece, The Radetsky March:

Happy Birthday #219 Johann Strauss Sr.

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