Happy Birthday Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi born March 4, 1678, in Venice, was an Italian virtuoso violinist and one of the top Baroque composers.

Antonio Vivaldi [March 4, 1678 – July 28, 1741]

From Biography – Antonio Vivaldi Web Site: “Antonio Vivaldi was ordained as a priest though he instead chose to follow his passion for music. A prolific composer who created hundreds of works, he became renowned for his concertos in Baroque style, becoming a highly influential innovator in form and pattern. He was also known for his operas, including Argippo and Bajazet.”

“At the age of 25, Vivaldi was named master of violin at the Ospedale della Pietà (Devout Hospital of Mercy) in Venice. He composed most of his major works in this position over three decades.”

“In addition to his choral music and concerti, Vivaldi had begun regularly writing opera scores by 1715; about 50 of these scores remain.”

One of his most famous works [and one of my favorite pieces] is his iconic set of four short violin concertos, known as, “The Four Seasons”.

To honor Antonio Vivaldi on this his 345th Birthday, please turn up the volume and enjoy some of this Baroque master’s great music.

Antonio Vivaldi: “The Four Seasons”:

A. Vivaldi: Oboe Concerto in A minor:

A. Vivaldi: “Gloria” for choir and orchestra:

A. Vivaldi: Concerto for Two Trumpets:

Happy # 345 Antonio Vivaldi!

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