My Top 10 Favorite Melodies in Classical Music

There are many thousands of beautiful melodies in classical music in all three Eras of classical music, Baroque; Classical; and Romantic. So, I am going way out on a limb attempting to choose my 10 favorites. I will limit my choices to the symphonic and chamber works without voice [so I will not include any of the many beautiful operatic arias].

Remember, this will be my favorites of movements or pieces that contain beautiful melodies. I am not choosing my favorite 10 pieces of all time, which could and probably are completely different. 

There are many, many beautiful melodies in classical music

Also, this is only my list, and not a definitive list from a group of musical scholars. I am sure there can be other lists of 10 totally different pieces, and none would be wrong, just a matter of opinions.  Also, I am sure I will look back on these 10 in the future and think to myself, “how could I miss this or that beautiful melody”.  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Now without further ado, please turn up the volume and enjoy my picks of pieces of classical music with beautiful melodies. I will go in reverse order, with my selection of number 10 first, and number one last:

#10 Felix Mendelssohn: Hebrides Overture:

#9 Edvard Grieg: “Peer Gynt”, Suite #1, Morning Mood:

#8 W.A. Mozart: Wind Serenade, “Gran Partita”, Movement 3, Adagio:

#7 Samuel Barber: Adagio for Strings:

#6: Bedrach Smetana: “The Moldau”:

#5 Serge Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #2 in C minor, Movement 3, Allegro Scherzando:

#4 Frederic Chopin: Piano Concerto #2 in E minor, Movement 2, Larghetto:

#3 L.V. Beethoven: “Pastoral Symphony” #6 in F Major Movement 5 Allegretto:

#2 L.V. Beethoven: Piano Concerto #5 in Eb Major, “Emperor”, Movement 2, Adagio un poco motto:


#1 Sir Edward Elgar: Enigma Variations, variation #9, “Nimrod”:

Note: the conductor in this video is the great Daniel Barenboim who is celebrating his 80th Birthday today Nov. 15.

Thank you for listening.  I hope you enjoyed and will come back to listen to these beautiful melodic pieces often.  I know when I go on my morning walks I will turn to these to help me through my walks. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Melodies in Classical Music

  1. elgar, barber, and of course the rest on yr list . i like sans saens , brahms, poulenc, hayden , granados, turina, all the french. can t have enough of most of them


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