Haydn’s Philosopher

Franz Joseph Haydn [1732 – 1809]

As I have stated before on my classical posts ‘Papa’ Haydn, the father of the classical symphony, composed so many symphonies, 104 to be exact, that many were given names as it would be easier to distinguish the more well known ones by a name than a number.  This early symphony of his, #22, was given the name [probably not by Haydn himself but from some musicologist]  ‘the philosopher’, probably because of it’s pensive, peaceful first movement.  In fact, when I heard this movement I thought of this:  

Rodin’s “The Thinker”

Haydn’s relatively short ‘Philosopher’ Symphony in E-Flat Major is in four movements:  1. Adagio,  2. Presto,  3. Minuet-Trio, and  4. Presto.

Please turn up the volume, play in full screen and enjoy, Franz Joseph Haydn’s delightful Symphony #22 in E-flat Major, “Philosopher”:

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